Martha MacNulty
& Annie Walsh
Martha MacNulty & Annie Walsh started collaborating on photoshoots very recently, but from the get-go worked amazingly as a team. They are dedicated, imaginative and strive to create the best content possible for everyone involved on a set. Having both photo and video content from a photoshoot gives the model, all backstage crew and the content viewer a new insight and edge to the world of fashion.

Martha MacNulty is a photographer based in Dublin and has been creating for over two years now. Her work ranges from portraits, fashion-forward looks to conceptual and experimental. A soon-to-be graduate from IADT, Martha studies costume design. She feels this gives her an edge when creating the looks, essence and creative aspect of a shoot. Martha is eager to make sure all models she works with are comfortable, confident and have a good time so that they bring out the very best in themselves. She always wants to experiment and push boundaries and concepts and strives to keep doing so.

Annie Walsh is a video creator based in Dublin and has been creating professional content for almost eight years. Her work ranges from event coverage and social media content to, most recently, short fashion videos. A soon-to-be graduate from the National Film School at IADT, Annie is eager to capture the moving essence of a photoshoot and the vivaciousness of a working model. Every set is unique - and this is something Annie strives to capture in her work from the concept and video shoot all the way into editing and music choice.